So They Say

by I Am Alaska

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    self-released 3/1/11

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"So They Say" was recorded with Vince Ratti at Skylight Studios in August 2010. Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azumith Mastering. Layout by Jeffery Ramirez and photography by Jonathan Schimpf. Guest vocals by Shawn VanBrocklin of Greene Reveal on "Eat Your Melancholy."


released March 1, 2011



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I Am Alaska Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Morning After

Twilight has arrived and im not so sure.
Everything around me everything's a blur.
I'm at a loss of words to say am i really all that bad?
Will everything be ok? Will everything be fine?
That gleaming smile turned upside down. a frown.
Anchoring my face to the ground.
The sun is laughing as it hurts my eyes.
Stomachs growling and my mouth is dry.

A cell phone full of numbers and no one left to call.
People here and there saying how they're there.
But they've got time for someone else.
With no more time to spare. No more time to spare.
I watch as she wakes in others arms.
Red cups and ashes paint the floor, paint the floor.
People in the background screaming "always stay true."
Together means forever, forever with you!"

I'm lying here alone,
thinking I'm a part
of the laughter and the jokes
that surround this movie life
that flashes before my eyes
but I'm just hoping someone sees past my disguise.

Another night is over,
another day begins,
now i lye awake wondering what my life will bring.
Track Name: Sheep In Wolves Clothing
You say your a wolf. I say your a sheep.
You say you are strong. I say you are weak.
Put on a smile, makes it ok.
Take down this drink. pour it all down.

Hide behind, intelligence everything is ignorance no part of the mold, i've been told. Ravaging through the puzzle piece of me now. Taken apart, where did i go wrong you knew all along you, you cant eat from the devils table and sit at gods. Falling fast.

I can't let go, let go of this.


And all those empty times you spent at night. Thinking of what you are and who you've become. With ever growing pressure i give in. Not following direction, I know more. Map is tossed away, Plans are thrown
away. My mind tells me no one gets me, anyway.

I cant let go, let go of this.

No I won't.

You say, "your just a sheep in wolves clothing" to try and start this fight.
Track Name: Go Forth

ease in. its only your skin. breathe out this breath that's suffocating you. let go of the ropes that keep you down. erase all that you've known. erase all that youve known.

you said to show the best in me, take this weight from off my chest. go forth and take this stone from me.

the clock is ticking now. i gotta get out, im running out of time. all this guilt thats weighing on my mind.
questioning this life ive known. answers that are clearly shown. lying in bed, wondering whats wrong. with the person ive become, this never ending despair, i used to be so strong, but now ive succumb. my actions are speaking louder than my words.

go forth, and take this stone from me.

and i have become everything that im not.
Track Name: Eat Your Melancholy

Everything i've done culminates to this. Are my
dreams impossible or are they just intangible? is this the real or surreal? can you feel the walls closing in? an extrovert trapped inside a mime theirs no more time. holding out for what is mine. i'm falling i'm calling out to endless ghosts with no faces. hanging by a thread when all is done an said. loneliness has lead to this steady decline into my bed of melancholy and the mercy of winter air.

and how is it this piercing joy has reared its ugly head once again? my sure elation at the prospect of vacation from once again.

being alone is not for me. its in this dark room alone where shadows bother me. reminding me that i'm the only one who understands how deep you can fall with the thoughts and the feeling that everyone else is happy
when your just a wreck. jealous and lonely. and no one understands but somehow you do.

i know you won't understand.

(Shawn VanBrocklin) until the ever twisting, unwinding of the time has wrapped itself around you. with the walls closing in, running out of time's running circles around your mind. spinning too fast to seem still but maybe then you will understand
Track Name: Patriot
its the noble cause a righteous fight leave home off into the light. wrapped in stripes and stars these nights are ours. those thoughts those words those scenes signs of the former things lost to whats to come. everything is a manufacture just a civil island in a savage sea, bring democracy in a bullet. bleed their ideals, ideas is the key.

your tearing me apart.

its the only way one nation under god. my life for liberty ill lay, ill lay one nation under god. fight the fine fight and if you do it right, that boy was a patriot they'll say.

and i was a sheep part of the flock. the more i'm here the more i become a goat i can hear their crying. i can hear their sighing. my brothers are slowly dying. well innocence is bliss a picture from yesterday faded, jaded, a recollection of the former. i would die for
my country but now i would die to the contrary. and i'm sure how i'm staying alive. thoughts of my mother help me survive.
Track Name: So They Say

the things you heard, the things you say, your killing me, you think you could run?

surrounding us is this wall, you try and break free, but it snatches you back. and all the things said, all the
thoughts that you meant, all those things made so evident.

the things you heard. the things you say, your killing me. you think you could run? examining this head of lies, those eyes that i despise.

forget this face. embraces these lies. never the same break these ties.